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eabout clé

clé is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile and artistic tile accumulated from two perspectives- yours and ours.

clé tile shoppers are interested in two types of tiles:

1) unique tiles created by impassioned artists & artisan studios and

2) classic tiles designed to form heirloom surfaces.

who we are-

in so many ways, clé is about pushing the boundaries of tile.

it's a complete exploration of every aspect of tile- from the way we imagine tiles, pursue artistic collaborations with artists and designers and even in the way we offer tiles to our clients. 

we have a profound love for tile and our endeavors are all about broadening everyone's concept of tiles so that they become less about a clinical and functional "backdrop" to our lives, and more about an artful, provocative and interactive facet of our surroundings.

if fashion can be a form of everyday art we coordinate and wear, we believe that tile can also be an everyday encounter with art through a material that protects and decorates the surfaces of our most important investments- our homes and architecture.

what we believe-
our mantra? "luxury is green". if it's well-crafted and artfully designed it will stand the test of time. we believe in heirloom quality over trend, substance over style, and the transformative not the mundane.

we all come to our design selections based on our own design dna- clé endeavors to fulfill your tile individuality with product that is capable of reflecting your very own style.

our other tile passions?

daily tile- visit the clé facebook page for a daily dose of artistic tile from around the globe. love tile? daily tile is a must follow! tiles you'd never imagine!

clé pinterest- the followers of clé's pinboards are treated to one of the largest collections of tile installations for trending tiles such as moroccan tiles, cement tiles, zelliges, etc. it's also a can't miss for interior design, fashion and art fans.

tile envy, the book! -it's official! ultra-cool cicada publishing has asked to do a book inspired by tile envy called...tile envy!

it's now available at amazon. click here

clé founder, deborah osburn


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