clé ordering faq’s
  • can i order samples for review prior to ordering?

clé encourages sample orders to check tiles prior to ordering. clé classics tiles will be billed at the actual costs of each tile plus a $25 packing/handling fee. shipping will be quoted based on weight and shipping details. cle artists/studio tiles have their own sample procedures and this information is available on their individual detail pages.

  • how much to order?

unless you are a super-duper diy kind of person- you must have a professional tile installer carry out your installation. and it will be the installer who must work with you to determine how much you need. clé is happy to start the process and will be fine to consult through the specific needs especially in relationship to the art and decorative questions and quantities. however, any and all quantities must be finalized by the installer.

  • how long will it take to receive my order once it has been placed?

once your order has been placed and payment has been received, for clé classics – if tiles are available in stock, you can expect a week for order processing and packing, with a 1-2 week ship time . for clé artists and studio tiles- most of the art tiles will always be made to order and will vary depending on the tile and the artist/studio. please see the individual tile details for the estimated lead-times.

  • what happens if i didn’t order enough?

clé classics can be shipped relatively quickly via ups for a small quantity to complete an order. the best way to avoid these delays is to be sure your installer orders correctly. we typically recommend 10% extra for all tile orders- and 15% for specific patterns.

  • what happens if my shipment was damaged or missing tiles?

please see delivery /pick-up information.

  • when should I arrange installation of my order?

your installation should be scheduled only after you have received your tiles. this will allow you and your installer to receive and inspect all of the materials for your satisfaction.

  • will i need any special instructions for my tile installation?

clé always recommends selecting the best tile installer you can find. that is instruction #1. we can’t stress, enough, the importance of this one recommendation. your tile is only as good as your installer. additionally, many of clé tiles are considered high-quality tiles as well as limited edition art tiles. for all our tiles – we provide installation guides and support.

  • how do i know if the tiles i like are suitable for my project?

you may find usage information for all tiles on the detail pages.

  • should i order extra?

as stated earlier, tile orders should always include 10% overage, at the very least, for cuts, breaks or to store for small repairs that may

clé shipping faq’s

  • to where will clé ship?

clé is willing to package and ship tiles anywhere around the world, and because of our relationships with tile resources from the u.s, canada, asia and europe, we can provide tiles to any of these regions with the least amount of forwarding complications and fees. we are also happy to assist with shipping when using your own shipping contacts.

  • why was I charged sales tax on shipping and handling fees.

if you live in new york, pennsylvania, or california, clé is obliged to charge sales tax for these services.

  • are orders insured?

the shipping companies provide insurance for orders that are using their shipping services.

  • can orders be expedited?

clé can ship air shipments for clients in need of immediate deliveries, however, tile orders can still take up to 1 week to process before they undergo expedited shipping. please ask for these details at the time of your order.

all orders have a $25 packing fee. pallet orders add $50.

  • how long will it take for my order to arrive?

after production time and arrival, clé classic tile orders require at least one week for processing and packing. the rest of the lead-time is shipping time which is dependent upon your location. clé artists and studios tiles have their own specific lead-times that can be found on their individual detail pages.

  • what is the difference between a standard LTL shipment and a residential delivery shipment?

a standard LTL tile shipment is delivered to the project site to be unloaded by hand or using equipment , or to a terminal for pick-up. a residential shipment allows for delivery to a residential area and the truck used has a lift-gate and a pallet jack for ease of unloading by the truck driver. a residential shipment is usually twice as expensive as a standard shipment.

  • how can i track my tile order?

clé will send you an email notification that will include tracking information, when your tile order has shipped.

when your order arrives

delivery and lead times:
clé tiles are sourced using three different targets- quality, pricing and nearest source. each is taken into consideration with the goal of delivering the best possible tiles for your project and your location. however, all of these factors converge in ways that can impact delivery dates. therefore, please be advised that any and all delivery dates are estimates, only. we cannot guarantee specific deadlines. we recommend booking installation only after receipt of all the tiles and setting materials have been delivered to your site completely.

on the day of your delivery or terminal pick-up:
inspect your shipment for any signs of damage, including damaged boxes and any other external damage. torn or distressed boxes and/or packaging may indicate internal damage to your tiles. this damage inspection should be made prior to accepting your shipment.

your packing slip will be attached to your shipment. please review your packing slip closely as it contains the number of boxes in your shipment. be sure that you have received all boxes prior to accepting your shipment. the shipper will have a bill of lading (BOL) which should match our packing slip.

should your shipment contain any damaged boxes or items and/or if your shipment is missing any boxes- please note this carefully on your BOL. you then must hand your noted BOL to your delivery person for processing a damage or missing claim. should you be in the freight terminal, you should give this note to the terminal manager so that they may allow you to call them back with the specifics of your delivery issues. you will not be able to file a claim without your BOL notations accepted by the delivery person or the terminal manager.

at this time you may sign your packing/delivery slip and receive both the damaged and undamaged product. should there be any damaged or missing products you can call us to arrange for replacement.

*please note - for field tile orders 2%-3% of the tile damaged, chipped or scratched is acceptable. tiles are primarily hand made, hand picked and hand packed. slight surface issues are standard. it is reasonable to order at leat 10% more than your project requirements to allow for these issues, as well as installation cuts, and breakage.

it is required that you or your agent check your shipment and make sure all the product is there upon delivery of your shipment. any claims for missing or damaged products must be received by email to: within 48 hours of your delivery day.

the installation of your products should not begin until your full order has been completed and is safely at your project. if you are waiting for replacement product, you will need to be sure that all tiles are at your project site and in good condition prior to scheduling the installation.

if your shipment was arranged by clé, we will handle every aspect of your shipping claim. if you arranged for your own shipping or pick-up please be sure to follow all the delivery acceptance instructions mentioned above. this will insure that you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that your shipping/damage claims will be handled as expeditiously as possible- whether there are missing or damaged boxes. If you do not sign for shipping damage on the BOL at the time of delivery we will lose our ability to file a claim with the delivery company on your behalf. this means we will not be able to provide you with replacement material at no cost and you will need to file a claim with the shipping company on your own without merit of your supporting documents.

please note any changes to the shipping arrangement have to be made through us. if you decided to take delivery without a lift-gate and your circumstances change then please contact us prior to the product being delivered to have a lift-gate added. the additional cost will need to be paid prior to receiving your order.

should you decide at a later date that you would like to pick up your shipment from a terminal vs. your residential delivery. if you change the terms from residential delivery to a terminal pick up you need to contact us prior to picking up the freight. in this circumstance you will probably want the lower freight charge of a terminal delivery. We cannot negotiate a lower freight cost once you have collected the freight.

here, again, is a recap of the receiving recommendations for your clé order:

  • sign your delivery slip (BOL). if missing or damaged boxes, make clear detailed notes about the issues and receive both the damaged and undamaged product. if you do not follow this important step, we will not be able to provide claim support nor replace your missing or damaged tiles at no cost to you.
  • call clé to arrange for the replacement of the damaged product or any boxes that may be missing.
  • please make note that the only tile sizes that will ship ups or fedex are art tiles and mosaics. any field tiles of 3x6 size and larger will always ship LTL (local truck line) . we recommend for LTL orders of 100sf or less- that your contractor can manage the unloading of up to 10 boxes of tiles by hand. for more than 100sf clé recommends shipping your order for a “residential delivery” which usually doubles your delivery fee, but allows for a lift-gate and pallet jack for a more safe delivery

any clé shortage or damage must be noted upon receipt of the product and written in detailed notes on the BOL. all inspection of tiles must be done prior to installation. in all tile realms, installation constitutes acceptance of the materials. please do not install defective product.

for field tile orders 2%-3% of the tile damaged, chipped or scratched is acceptable. tiles are primarily hand made, hand picked and hand packed. slight surface issues are standard. it is reasonable to order at leat 10% more than your project requirements to allow for these issues, as well as installation cuts, and breakage.

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